A Community Treasure, American Box Car Racing International, Seeks to Reopen Under New Management. Please Spread the Word!



By Caroline, Zoe, and Lillian Dale |   Jan. 23, 2016

Dear Reader, Please consider showing your support by adding your signature to the petition (see link below).

Approximately 14 years ago, when my husband and I were first stationed here on Oahu, I had the pleasure of experiencing box car racing for the first time.  During the next several years, while working as a nanny for two extremely fun and energetic boys, I enjoyed repeat visits to the box car track.  When we were getting prepared to move back here with two very fun and energetic kids of our own, one of my first thoughts was that I just had to introduce my girls to box car racing.  Yes, I was that excited!

Shortly after we arrived on the island, and as we were getting settled into military housing, I called the race track to plan our first visit.  Unfortunately, I received bad news.  BC Cowling, a founding member of American Box Car Racing International (ABCRI), informed me that the nonprofit track here in Hawaii was forced to close suddenly with no explanation by the City and County of Honolulu this past February 2015.

There is no doubt that our community is missing this valuable asset. ABCRI leaves a strong legacy of strengthening families, fostering confidence, mentoring our youth, and offering families and friends a fun and active way to play and connect.  In its initial year in 1996,  ABCRI drew  approximately 300 participants to its events.  From there, it grew exponentially! Over the past 10 years more than 200,000 youth, parents and teachers participated in family education-based activities at the track in Kunia.

This past Sunday, ACBRI board members were published in a Star-Advertiser Letter to the Editor.  My family is thrilled to see their story spreading.  My girls and I are helping to call our community to action.  It is time for us to spread the word and support the Board Members of this wonderful institution as they continue to push the City to do what is right for the community–to advertise for a new operator for the track!  (ABCRI is willing to offer guidance to support the individual or group who is willing to reopen the track.)

Currently, the box car track in Kunia sits empty and unused .  With ABCRI’s equipment remaining at the site, the facility is a turnkey operation for a new operator–if the City will cooperate.  We as taxpayers allegedly have been footing the bill for the utilities and maintenance of the track while the community has no access to the benefits that this institution provides.

For any prospective operators out there, please contact BC Cowling at bc@boxcarracing.org for additional information.  The track remains in good condition and ABCRI’s equipment and supplies remain in storage on location.

Please help spread the word and show your support.  Please share the story of American Box Car Racing International with your family and friends through word of mouth and social media!  Let’s bring this gem back to our community!

Please use the link below add your signature to the petition.





One thought on “A Community Treasure, American Box Car Racing International, Seeks to Reopen Under New Management. Please Spread the Word!

  1. Thank you for getting this started and I sure hope this can get the ball rolling. Along with the box car racing ABCRI also built 3 track for radio controlled cars. Like box car racing RC car racing is a fun hobby that teaches real life applications of physics and a much better knowledge of how real cars work. The loss of such a great resource affects not just local families but military as well. Quite a number of military members enjoy this hobby world wide that can no longer do so when they visit or are stationed in Hawaii. With the full size track at Campbell closed and efforts to start a new one failed…this leaves people who want to race anything with no where to go. As a community it would be a good idea to be able to re-direct those energies from potential street racing to racing box cars and RC cars.


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